Monday, June 27, 2011

Do Right #4: Pick Up After Your Kids

This is one thing that shocks me nearly every time I see it happen. Today I was at a high end store and a child, maybe 7 years old was eating a cookie. He dropped the cookie on the floor in front of the cash register and the mother saw him do it and didn't say a word. There were crumbs everywhere and a fairly large portion of the cookie as well and she didn't even pick it up! Not only that at one point, she stepped right on it making more of a mess all over the carpet in the lingerie department! I can't believe that parents will leave restaurant tables, booths, floors and airplane aisles destroyed by their children and not make the slightest effort to help clean it up. Wipe the table with a napkin to pick up the crumbs or at least pick up large things off the floor. Now I don't have children, but I was a nanny and spend lots of time with kids and would never think of leaving a public place such a mess. If you are too tired to clean up after your children in public then you probably should think twice before having them.

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