Friday, January 6, 2012

Do Right #16: Don't be size-ist update

Just hours after writing my post I came across this ad on Facebook about childhood obesity. It makes me wonder if they would ever make a poster like this of boys? What a terrible message for any little girl to have to see. It infuriates me.

Do Right #16: Don't be size-ist.

People come in all shapes and sizes. I am increasingly frustrated by the number of people who discuss the size of other people, primarily overweight people, in public or in front of their friends, their family or worse their children. Someone's size does not dictate what kind of person they are, their value is not lowered because they are overweight.

I was really impressed to hear Sarah Jessica Parker telling a reporter the word "fat" was not allowed in their home when referring to other people. I hope more families will take this stand against judging other people. Most of us would proudly say we are not racist, but judging people by their sex, their religion or their size, they are wrong to the same degree.