Friday, June 24, 2011

Do Right #2: Middle Man Gets Both Armrests

If you fly a lot, you probably know that being stuck in a middle seat on a plane is probably one of the most miserable places on earth. I would rather be getting a root canal than be stuck in a middle seat on a long flight. So what is the least we can do to help this poor soul stuck in the middle? Give up your middle armrest. Now for anyone who flies frequently this should be a fairly obvious courtesy, but I am always amazed when I see business people with their arms planted on that armrest like it is the last plot of free space on earth. Next time you are stuck in the middle and begging for some air and a place to set your arms, I hope the guy in the window or aisle seat is as kind as you have been.


  1. Agreed! Plus, if you're going to recline please do it gently - from someone who's gotten bruised knees from the abrupt recliners - and I'm only 5ft 2in!

  2. Absolutely!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. never even crossed my mind....good work G!