Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do Right #3: Put Your Cart Back

How often have you seen parking lots filled with random shopping carts because people can't seem to walk them to the cart corral to put them back? They are banging into cars, sometimes even just on the loose and still moving or blocking entire parking spots. Why is it so hard to put back your shopping cart? I know, you got what you needed and now you just want to leave, but it takes two seconds and you do have legs right? Better yet, maybe when we are entering a store, we could offer to take someone's cart since we are going that way anyway or maybe even put away one of those carts that is floating freely around the parking lot. A few weeks ago, I saw a cart roll the entire length of a store and halfway across another parking lot passing about 20 people and not a single person stopped the cart or took it back to the store, until I finally went out of my way to get it. I somehow hope setting a good example might wear off on someone someday!

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