Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do Right #18: Offer Help, Before Someone Needs It

These days it seems like such a rare thing to see someone going out of their way for another person. You see someone struggling to get a grocery cart over the curb at the grocery store and watch countless people walk not interested in taking a moment for someone else. You see an old person trying to get across a street before a light changes while people hurry ahead of them. You see a mother trying to juggle a stroller, a crying baby, opening a door and a cup of coffee and no one offers to take a second and help her. What if all of us tried to help someone everyday who didn't ask for help, but would sure appreciate a little? Tomorrow, let's all think ahead. What can we do to help someone else in need? Nothing big, something small. One thing. Open a door, pick up keys someone dropped, reach something off a shelf for someone at the grocery store, carry something for someone. Small things lead to big things! That is what this blog is all about!

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